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Monthly food/juice shop average spend?

So I’ve just got my very first council house after being homeless, and I’m trying to work out roughly how much I will spend on food/juice in a month, it’s just me although my mum May be up some weekends due to my mental health..

I was thinking £150? But I’m not sure ? If I’m over/under doing it ? 

I know everyone is different on what they eat and drink for example I only drink juice and no hot drinks or alcohol? 

Just an estimate ? 

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    Depends what brands you opt for + what pack size you get (where there's an option) + how quick you get through it, as well as which store(s) you get it all from.

    corner shops / convenience stores that carry "Happy Shopper" / "Euroshopper" / "Discover the Choice" wholesaler own-label items have some decent products to help keep costs down.

    The "Euroshopper" range includes 1-Litre cartons of juice for £1 each, so if you get through 2 of the things a week that's about £8 a month. 

    There's also 300g packs of Jaffa Cakes (average contents 24 jaffa cakes) + 2x200g packs of chocolate chip cookies price marked £1 in the Euroshopper range that's quite good value.

    The "Happy Shopper" range also has some packs of biscuits on "59p each or 2 for £1" offers, and bags of snacks on "65p or 2 for £1" offers.

    Crisps.... there's multi-packs of "Seabrook" or "Smiths" crisps sold for £1 for about 6 bags (instead of paying 69p each single bags of seabrook), so that's about £4 a month.

    Lidl + Aldi do their own label cereals for silly money such as about 50p for a box of Rice Krispy clones, or £1.89 for a box of Crunchy Nut Cornflakes or Krave cereal clones (instead of about £3 for a box of Kellogg's original stuff), they seem last around 7-10 days of every day use.

    Sainsbury's do some fairly decent frozen meals for about £1.75 (£12.25 for 7 days worth), which can be subsidised by building up Nectar points to redeem on future purchases on them + other essentials.

    Potentially looking at around £35 to £60 a week (£140 to £240 a month)

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