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Really long stall in weight loss... what do I do?

I know these situations are posted about a lot, but now I am needing some help with my own. I’m a 5’6”, 17 year old girl. I’ve lost a good bit of weight since January, as I now weigh 148 pounds. At the start of the year, I was at 200. 

Through a good portion of my weight loss, I ate around 1,200 calories. I then joined my school’s cross country team over the summer, and I now eat around 1,500 a day as I realized that 1,200 wasn’t enough for me anymore since I was running a lot. 

I drink about 90-120 ounces of water a day and I count the calories for literally everything I eat. I have only lost about 1-2 pounds in the past three months, and even then, my weight has been fluctuating between the same 3-5 pounds. 

I went to the doctor a month ago for all of this as I’ve really been struggling with it. I have even lost my period and I haven’t had it since April. My doctor ran a blood test and everything came back normal, except for something minor with my liver, but she blew it off and didn’t act like it was a big deal. The first time I went, she just told me to keep doing what I’m doing and that we would see how things were when I came back. I go back to the doctor in a week for her to check everything again and for her to hopefully help me out.

I just don’t understand what the problem is? It’s not like I am eating 1,500 calories of junk food either. I’ve been eating super healthy, but my weight won’t change. Does anyone know how I could start losing weight again?

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    you have to go to the gym

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    You need to chill-out because you are getting all worked up over nothing. Surely, you understand that you are in the middle of your growth spurt? You have at least another 4 years of growing. When you are growing, you are going to have more of you and that translates to weight.  The fact that your weight range has remained constant MEANS you are losing weight because if you grow and still not gain weight you are in fact losing weight for your size.

    Second, weight is not a constant. The proper way to track body weight is by the range from Max to Min. Your body weight changes throughout the day. It fluctuates as you already observed. You can easily lose 5 lbs just from sweating. Whenever I workout, I can lose between 5 to 7 lbs of water.

    Last, you are too obsessed with weight. You should had been monitoring your size in terms of body fat percentage. Are you really that concerned with how much ground pressure you exert or are you really concerned about fitting into a smaller/slimmer dress or outfit? Because one is a function of weight and the other is a function of body fat percentage.

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