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Bio Help Please!?

1. DDE and Eggshell Thickness: In 1980, there was a major spill of DDT (a persistent chlorinated insecticide) into Florida’s Lake Apopka that caused high rates of mortality in much of the wildlife there. A metabolite of DDT called DDE causes eggshell thinning in birds that eat fish. These birds are affected more than others because they at the top of the food chain and therefore accumulate higher levels of persistent chemicals like DDE. DDE affects calcium movement in the eggshell glands of the birds.

Answer the following questions:

• Describe the role of calcium in maintaining human bones and teeth. Based on this, how do you think a lack of calcium may affect the shells of these birds?

• Predict what will happen when parent birds incubate the eggs.

• Look at the graph attached. Describe how eggshell thickness is related to DDE concentration.

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