i dont want emotional blackmail or guilt trips from my family. is it bad to want to runaway and start new life.y people criticize me2 stay?

i just want to be smart. I wish i was better at make friend but iwas embaressed. Im older and stuck in 79 strawberry hill road. What can i do to leave ? thanks tc. Tips.

Even extended family, including sisterm, cousins aunts, everyone. IS it bad to just want to leave everyone? I am proud of myself . thx tc,


the more im close tofamily, the more i feel trapped and in a cycle of same nonsense.Idont want to feel like a failure. i just want to breath.

 I am thinking of joining dating site again *havent taken it serious since last year) Because i need to live with a guy, And i have been abandoned. so have to find us guy.is that okay? thanks.I have to change my address that is why i need try find a guy. ( please no trollomg answers) tc.do u think it can work? Thanks

Update 2:

yes citizen. that is my goal.but i cant do traditionally. I have to live with a guy to advance. My goals cant be completed here, and im at a disadvantage in apartment waitlists as well.

Once i find him,I will be focused on my career goals,More thanlove. Just want to get away fromAll family and he protect and repairme.

Update 3:

cant have this damn lyft lurking on me. ITs Really painful journe back especially.I just want to live a simple life with a guywith lots of hardwork that i cant staying here. ITs embaressing that i waited so long to realize this. I trusted the wrong guys abroad out of complete desperation but now i realized to find ANY guy.

thanks for being sweet and responding nicely. tc

Update 4:

i also backfire too...I really need guy;s protection. and need small minor  repair too.

thx again. tc. u didnt respond rudely to a really distressful concern.

Update 5:

ps.innocent friendship repair it will take a while. Main goal is to change my address, so this is not about hugs or kissing. more about being roomate and friend 

2 Answers

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    I have often felt the same way. I would dream about going to a different

    town and get a job and nobody would know me.

  • 4 weeks ago

    Work hard...even if it means 3 jobs and not eating out. Do this to save, save, save. Be looking for rooms to rent in other states or even a tiny guesthouse u can afford if u want to live solo. If you are still in high school bust your but and try for a full ride scholarship at a university, so u can live elsewhere for free. If college isnt ur thing learn a trade like electrician or welding which both pay well. The whole goal is to get you financially independent, so u can live independent of these people. Its hard to grow into who u truly are when people have framed you into who they feel you are(often wrong). 

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