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How do I get rid of "Top Videos For You" when I never signed up for them, Facebook keeps taking me to them and I dont want to see them?

They should rename Facebook, Clutterbook, cause they love to clutter up people's lives, unsolicited. They want you spend time there to increase the chances of you clicking on one of their ads, eventually. 

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  • Daniel
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    3 weeks ago

    You cant Get Rid of them Unfortunately there is no way for you to Turn that Off 

  • 3 weeks ago

    The simple fact is that with any free site, the owners have absolute control and users have none.

    As you are not paying anything for the service, there is no contract or guarantee of any type and the site owners can make any changes they like, without notice or agreement.

    Or then can just switch the whole thing off or repurpose it, as they wish.

    That is ANY free site, whether it's social media, email, advertising - if users have no contract, they have no guarantee of service.

    You only "remedy" is to vote with your feet - stop using a site that changes in a way you do not like.

    That is the only thing that affects such sites, enough people stopping using them, so their advertising revenue drops.

    The only reason they exist is to make money, and the only thing that influences change is their bottom line profits going up or down.

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