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How can i fix my dry shìt hair fast?

Anyone here who knows about hair? My hair never used to be this dry until this year. I do dye it, with semi permanent. But never had this problem in the past when dying. Am i washing it too much? I find if i dont wash my hair daily it looks terrible and therefore have to straighten it for it to look half decent. I eat lots of seafood cause I'm pescatarian. I take supplements for hair skin and nails. And usually hair vitamins. But i don't know what else i can do. Read online and tried but nothing. I have medium to long hair, and curly. Anyone here go through dry hair and have fixed it?

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    Have you changed dyes recently? Or does the dye box say new and improved? Semi permanent dyes deposit a layer of color on the surface of the hair. It's possible you have a build up of pigment on your hair. Semi permanent dyes do some chemical damage and because a certain type of color pigmentl was removed from dark colors  the chemical that makes color stick to the hair has changed. The color sticks to the surface and doesn't get onto the hairs core so you get a build up of color. Read this for a bit more information:

    Also, heat straightening is very damaging and there's a point of no return where even though it did no harm before it's doing harm now. Hair can only take so many chemical treatments such as dyes and so much heat damage until it's fried beyond repair. Time to put away the heat and embrace those beautiful curls that everyone else wants and envies. And maybe use dye at the roots only or stop dyeing altogether. Let your hair go natural. The hair at the roots will be like it used to be without heat and chemical damage and without the dye build up.

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    Buy a good conditioner  and leave it in your hair fot 15 minutes, that should help with the dryness.

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