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In the figure, a 120 g ball on a 58.0 cm rope is swung in a vertical circle about a point 245 cm ?

above the ground. If the ball is swung at the slowest speed where the ball goes over the top of the circle without the rope having any slack and the rope is released when the ball is at the top of the loop, how far to the right does the ball hit the floor?

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    minimum speed such that

    g = v²/r

    v = √(gr) = √(9.81m/s² * 0.580m) = 2.39 m/s

    time to fall from h = (2.45 + 0.58)m = 3.03 m

    t = √(2h / g) = √(2 * 3.03m / 9.81m/s²) = 0.786 s

    distance to right

    x = v*t = 1.87 m

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