My boss wants me to participate in company hosted networking event doing something not in my role?

I work for a very small staffed company (my boss, me, and a customer service specialist). Our company is very tied to the small business community so participating and hosting networking events comes naturally. The first networking event we hosted (when I first started working for the company) was very casual and I had a great time chatting with the business owners and entrepreneurs we work with frequently.  The second was poor. We partnered with a few other companies to host and my boss shoved me onto door greeter duty (signing people in and hanging coats). At the time I was a part-time assistant so despite having no warning this is what I would be doing at the event I sucked it up, did my time, and left. 

Now it's two years later, I am now in a Creative & Marketing Director position and another networking event is on the horizon.  Technically attending networking events is not in my job description but I am fine attending them every once in awhile. My boss, however, is very disorganized overall and I feel might throw me suddenly into the door greeter role last minute (this is what happened last time) even though it isn't even close to my job description. I want to avoid this. 

Any suggestions on avoiding/deflecting being pinned in a door greeter grunt task that isn't my job? Maybe a way I could potentially convince my boss it isn't needed? 

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  • 4 weeks ago
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    I've been there. Things I wish I would have done: prepared ahead of time and not left it to chance! Is the function catered? You could ask if a greeter/coat check service will be arranged as well, in order for the company employees to be able to mingle and network without scrambling to hang up and find coats throughout the event. 

  • Maxi
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    4 weeks ago

    You work for a small company where the 'role' of the staff covers everything required, regardless of what 'title' you claim to have

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Your "role" is anything your boss asks you to do.

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