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Grammar question ?

Is “I can’t wait to go either” correct grammar? Or should o have said “I can’t wait to go as well”

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    Subtle difference in meaning.  I can't wait to go either means, I too am anxious to go (like you are).  I can't wait to go as well means I want to be part of the group that is going.

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    If the intended meaning is you are anxious to go, it would be best to say I can't wait to go. Without knowing what either refers to (like doing something else or in addition) or what as well means, there is no need to include it.

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    I never really thought about it but the first isn't exactly correct even if it is pretty common to say.  Not really an option (choice), but a concurrence (agreement).  I also cannot wait to go.

    I will be honest though, people say "either" for that kind of statement all the time, so it is "right" because that is what is done, whether or not it is "right" is some literal meaning, or grammatical and word use terms.

    I think that the idea is that we each feel the same thing so the statement can apply to either one of us.

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    It is OK .....................

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