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My friend is reporting me to an vigilante group who he says will come to my house and interrogate me, can they do that?

So I'm friends with this girl who he says that is too young for me. She is a singer and I discovered her through her music videos. She's vietnamese and so most of her work she posts it on youtube but has shows all around the US. I met her when she was 16 and we became friends. She's 21 now and my friend just found that she is 21. I lied and told him that she was my same age, 30 and he got suspicious and did his research. He now says he's going to report me to this vigilante predator justice group who hunts down and interrogates child predators. He says they'll come to my house and interrogate me on video and then call the police and have me arrested. Can they legally do that to me ? Can I just force them to leave if they show up at my house ?

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    Age of majority in Vietnam is 18, so you're good. 

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    #1, this guy isn't your friend. 

    He can tell you anything and you can believe anything, but in the real world, there are no 'secret' groups that go around interrogating 30 year olds for hanging out with 21 year olds, no police, either. If you're in the US, it was legal for you to be friends with this girl when she was 16 and you were 25. It would have been legal for the two of you to engage in sex when she was 17 or 18, depending on the state you were in at the time. And you haven't hinted at having sex, just that you are friends.

    Get this 'friend' out of your life, because he's trying to intimidate you for some reason. Real friends don't do that.

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    No, they can't do that.  

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