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What happens when u pretend everyone is equal in IQ. Do u think low IQ people should be governed in a different way and not treated as equal?

because they are not and its obvious and it causes them to suffer

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Low IQ = a massive bunch of people laying around getting high drinking and getting ill from drugs , not contributing,  thats it

Update 2:

Its sad they need help and treating them as equal when they are mentally deficient causes more suffering than being real 

Update 3:

and solving the real problem 

Update 4:

Ironically the one bright guy that made it out of the suffering and knew the solutions to his peoples problems,  was cast out and called a traitor

Update 5:

I think they should have left as they were and just intervene for medical help emergency help etc 

Update 6:

Then the ones that prefer white society should be governed in a different way because making them normal = death by drug abuse and laying around all day 

Update 7:

Why dont we just cut to teh chase ans solve the damn problem directly? Does it really cause more suffering to call people mentally deficient than it does to leave them to their own devices? 

Update 8:

Yes it does we default to natural human behaviour natural lower behaviour 

Update 9:

get enough food be lazy, then drugs are an unnatural thing which are a trap for people that cant handle them 

Update 10:

(not being passive aggressive just seems an obvious problem with an obvious solution and a really silly obstacle  )

Update 11:

plenty of white ppl fit in to this category too 

Update 12:

but its just so blatant with aboriginals ,  more so

Update 13:

Or do they just enjoy and prefer it ? And im wrong?

Update 14:

Maybe white people are brainwashed by white people into working all life and really they would prefer to sit around having a laugh all day?

Update 15:

Maybe we are under a conditioning spell? (some ppl will want to sacrifice to get more but also some are just conditioned to)

Update 16:

10 am, time for bed, raises beer , cheers!

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  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Should put them in a camp of some sort 🤔.

    We need more "research" on what the human body can handle with pain.

  • All are equal to the eyes of God. All are just problems.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    First, I couldn't make it past 2 minutes because of factual errors by the narrator.

    Australia is a continent, not an island.

    The Northern Territory is not a state, it's a territory as it's name says.

    Second, your attitude and lack of compassion for indigenous people is deplorable.

  • Cogito
    Lv 7
    4 weeks ago

    You're making a lot of assumptions here, and most of them are wrong.

    Having a low IQ does NOT usually mean "laying around, getting high, drinking, taking drugs and not contributing."Okay, some are like that but certainly not the vast majority.I used to teach basic skills at a centre for adults who had problems with reading, writing and simple maths.  Every one of them had a job, they worked hard, none abused alcohol or drugs and most had a family.  They were really lovely people.Secondly, whatever anyone's IQ, they're still 'equal' in terms of rights, opportunities, etc.  They may be a bit different but in general, society does give them some extra help to enable them to lead the same sort of life as those with average or high IQs.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    I m college educated all i can find is minimum wage.

  • All Americans have an IQ under 60

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