Will life as we knew it pre-COVID never happen ever again?

Why do they say there is no end in sight for COVID-19 when they’ll be vaccines by January?

Will the COVID-19 pandemic end up killing us all?

Will this pandemic kill us all will we all die from it? Will The COVID-19 pandemic be with us forever? Why did Wisconsin’s Governor, for example, say that there is no end in sight for the pandemic when people know that it should be back to normal with vaccines by next year? Will there ne we be vaccines? Will we be social distancing ourselves for the rest of our lives? Will events be canceled forever?

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  • 2 weeks ago

    Maybe one day. The virus is extremely contagious and there's so many people dying every month. Unfortunately, a lot of idiots aren't using social-distancing and wearing mask so I guess it's possible we'll be like this for a long ᴀss time. Lol.

  • 2 weeks ago

    maybe, maybe not. but i hope most people know this but the pandemic could have been ended in the united states by now. and for all the people who think masks dont work, they do let me give you this analogy. If someone were to start peeing with nothing on it'd go out absoloutely everywhere, but if they were to have pants on it'd only get out on themselves, if you compare this to sneezing or coughing you're protecting other people from YOUR germs, so if everyone and I mean EVERYONE wore masks when they went out and wore them CORRECTLY the cases would drop dramatically

  • 3 weeks ago

    The covid 19 is going to mutate with bubonic hepa-herpa-ghonarea-sylphlaids and will go airborne and ....... well....

    Some people will be asymptomatic and not show signs and will continue to survive the human race.  All the elderly will die off.  Only those younger than 30 will live.

    In the year 2274, the remnants of human civilization live in a sealed city contained beneath a cluster of geodesic domes, a utopia run by a computer that takes care of all aspects of life, including reproduction. 

  • 3 weeks ago

    Which game is this in, so I can give a good answer?

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  • 3 weeks ago

    Corona has caused a lot of changes all over the world especilly in the economic field.

    Alot of people began to rethink a bout working and finding traditional office jobs. they 

    have started to build their own buisness on the internet and social media.

  • ?
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    4 weeks ago

      Life as we knew it prior to covid-19 may never completely return. Also it doesn't really matter one whit what party is holding power, this is a matter of medical science to try and get figured out, not a group of bumbling politicos, all almost all of them lacks a degree in the medical sciences. 

      If we're going to seen an end to covid-19, then it means that the politicos needs to get out of the way of science. We're months away from having a working proven vaccine, that can also be delivered in sufficient enough quantities, to ensure that everyone is able to get it. We are and without the politicos yanking our strings every way they can, pull together as a untied people, and not divided among ourselves in the way the political parties to a one are dividing us.

      As for when we'll see events again as we did in the past, that's unknown, and they may even change in how the events are held. Social distancing is a new thing, and something that many are still not adapted to, or has outright refused to do. Any of those who refuses needs to be chastised, and if need be, generally ostracized by the general populace, until they realize we're all in this together.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago


    oh it's 6 months now?, i'm sure Trump said in both presedential debates that it would be found within weeks? while in Britain where they are also working on a vaccine, senior medical experts,   where suggesting well into next year and "IF" that's the case and one becomes available, it may well not be that effective, but that some protection is better than zero protection......So it sounds to me like at least one of them is telling porky pies..go figure

  • Sandy
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    4 weeks ago

    stop listening to the liberal mainstream media. all they do is fearmonger so people will stay in lockdown afraid of a virus, and dependent on them. Corona not the black plague. just because you test positive, it's not a death sentence. in 6 months (if Trump wins) everyone will be vaccinated and America will be back and stronger than ever. people are aching and itching to get back to work, send their kids back to school and get on with their lives. 

  • Murzy
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    4 weeks ago

    Maybe by the end of next year.

  • 4 weeks ago

    It may but it will take at least a decade to get anywhere near what it was like prior to this pandemic. 

    It will start getting back a lot quicker if the whole world forgets their differences and work together to get the world economy back on its feet.

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