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How do I stop stuttering?

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    well, it’s a difficult thing because what causes stuttering is unknown, but stress and anxiety can make them worse. stuttering may be annoying, but explaining beforehand and being confident are the best things you can do! don’t be embarrassed about it, it makes you unique! :)

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    Breathing will help you not to stutter.  You do not stutter when you sing. If you have difficulty getting out a word or words try singing them.   Another way is to use your hand to beat out the rhythm of the words  speaking slowly and emphasising every syllable.   Another way is to take a deep breath before you speak.   I have had a slight  stammer when very tired and know what it is to have someone mock you for it.    But I was a radio anouncer and TV presenter  in the 1950s and 1960s.    I last read th news  when I was 60   in    1990.   Of course, going to an expert  will help.  Try talking aloud  when alone and  reading aloud.  Good to practice.    Good luck.

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    There is a Steve Harvey video on Youtube. He says you can cure it in an hour. 

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    What you need is a speech and language pathologist, they help with ALL speech problems.

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    K k k k k k e e e ep p t t t t trying..

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    You have a story to tell and people will listen to you anyway without thinking you need to justify being there. Have a kind of plan worked out to keep what you're going to tell them in a logical order.

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