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Vaginal itching and significant dryness?

Hey guys. So every so often, my vagina will get SUPER dry (as in, zero wetness) and VERY itchy. Like so itchy that I have to go to the bathroom and like itchy with toilet paper or something. Even at work.

I’ve had this for the last few days. I do have a new sexual partner and we’ve been having a decent amount of sex so I do think that could be it. The last time before this I had this happen was ALSO during a time I was having a lot of sex (with a previous partner). But it occasionally happens if I get too much soap down there (I now know just how much vaginas hate soap, so I avoid it). The last time this happened I sort of just ignored it and it went away after 6-7 days. But this time the itching is way worse. 

Does anyone know what this could be from? Google says yeast infection but I don’t have any unusual discharge (I literally have VERY MINIMAL to NO discharge. I’m dry.). 

Any ways I can relive the itch/get some moistness down there. I know petroleum jelly isn’t safe, although I wish it were

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    3 weeks ago

    Doctor time...

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