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Gramatically, what's the difference between "I never had a cat" (past tense) and "I've never had a cat" (present perfect)? ?

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    They are both past tense.  It's way too much to explain here, and you would probably need lots and lots of practice to really understand it. I suggest that you find a good English teacher.  But I'll sum it up for you:

    the simple past:  "I never had ___" = is confined to one specific occasion or a defined time frame.

    the present perfect:  "I've never had" = never at any point in your entire life.

    But I meant what I said about not trying to learn this stuff yourself.  That's why teachers and language classes exist.   Believe me when I say that this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to English verbs.

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    "I never had a cat" means you've lost the chance to have one.

    "I've never had a cat" means you might get one in the future.

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