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Macbook was recalled but I cannot get another one?

This is a follow up to my question about the MacBook. I bought the MacBook Pro that was later became "recall" because of the faulty hard drive. My hard drive failed, my MacBook will not come on and I lost thousands of documents on that computer.  I told apple this and they literally said "yeah, this was one of our worst MacBooks made because we did not secure the hard drive and so it was bound to crash. It's been recalled" and then proceeded to tell me that I would have to buy a new computer and there was nothing they could do....I'm confused. When a car gets recalled and you get in a car accident because of the faulty part of the car, you are able to sue? Why is it different with my laptop? 

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    because you are beyond the warranty period.  it isn't as if your personal safety was at risk, so no freebie.  as for your documents -- that's why you are preached at for decades about backing up your data

  • donnie
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    Probably because you never signed any papers saying they would replace it 

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