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Camera SD card says "memory card locked" when it isnt?

I have a Canon Powershot G7X Marx II. The SD card is a Sandisk Ultra SDHC 32GB which says 90MB/s.


I bought this after my old SD card broke so it is new out of the packet. The side lock switch is physically unlocked and doesn't appear broken. I have formatted my SD card on my laptop. It still says 'Memory Card Locked' on my camera so that I am unable to video or take any pictures.


I can't find anything online which helps me as everything says to make sure the side switch is in the unlocked position. Mine is in the unlocked position. This is also happening with another SD card I tried with the same camera. I have cleaned the camera where the SD card goes.


I can not go in store to talk to someone as everywhere I am is closed due to the pandemic. I ordered it online. What should I do? This has been frustrating me for the past two days as I want to use my camera


to the user 'I love chocolate donuts', I have already said my SD card switch is in the unlocked position 

Update 2:

My old card broke because I left it on my bed and my dog chewed it. It was not broken due to tech issues

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  • garry
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    3 months ago

    replace it , seems you dont realise cards have a manual lock on them , go on buy a new chip .

  • 3 months ago

    Formatting your card in a computer doesn't create any problems* - you have to work at getting it wrong! If that happens the camera will simply say the card needs formatting and you move on from there.  Two cards failing could be coincidence but it's more likely the problem's with the camera.

    You say that your old card broke - could there be a connection? I'm assuming there's a microswitch in the camera that detects the position of the write protect tab - maybe a damaged card has jammed the switch in the "protected" position.

    *  It's part of my usual workflow. But how could you download images via a card reader if every camera was using its own file system?  "You MUST format in camera" is a nonsensical myth!


    Can we assume the card / camera were working before the card got chewed, and that you didn't put the chewed card back in the camera?

  • Sumi
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    3 months ago

    First off, you must never use any other device to format the card.  You MUST always use the device the card will be used to format the card.  Doing so will install an incorrect file system onto the card making it impossible for the device (camera) to properly control the file system resulting in card errors.  So, the first thing you must do is to reformat the card using the exact camera you plan on inserting the card into.  Even using a different camera will cause problem.

    Once you have reformatted the card using the exact camera you plan on using the card with, see what happens.

    If you're still getting errors or having problems, it could be that the card is not compatible with the camera.  Make sure that the card is compatible with your camera.  Often errors happen when using a card with a larger capacity than the camera can utilize.

    If the card is confirmed to compatible and it's been properly formatted and you're still having issues, then it's likely to be a camera problem and not related to the card.  This would be confirmed by using a card that is known to be good and still getting the "card is locked" error.

  • qrk
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    3 months ago

    Since you tried another card with the same results, it could be that your camera SD slot is damaged.

    Always format the SD card in the camera, never on your PC unless you know what format style your camera uses. On your PC, you may have formatted the card in a format type that the camera doesn't understand. Read the manual and reformat the card in a format type that is expected by the camera. After that, reformat the card using the camera's format function.

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