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takkk asked in Society & CultureLanguages · 4 weeks ago

Native English speakers or master users of English: Is "listen to radio" correct?

We usually learn that "listen to the radio" is correct, but I found 77 examples of "listen to radio" in the COCA search. In most cases, another expression follows "radio," but no expression follows it in some examples. Do you feel (2) is also correct? Do you feel any difference in meaning between (1) and (2)?

(1) I listen to the radio while driving.

(2) I listen to radio while driving.

Thank you. I'd appreciate your feedback.

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    The correct way to word this is "listen to the radio". This is because radio is a singular noun (meaning it's just one) and its not a proper noun, so an article (a, an or the) is used to describe the radio. So "listen to radios" would work, but not "listen to radio." The only way "listen to radio" would work is if radio is the name of something specific, like a person's name.

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    Source(s): 10th grade English
  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Listen to THE radio.

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