How do avoid being social with others forever ?

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  • 3 months ago
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    dont do it. If u are embaressed still dont do it. mostly make sure u have a room , if u have to be demanding dont feel shy. dont waste ur potential for solvable issues. tc.! make sure u have ur apartment in time! dont give a damn. especially if they can afford it ,

    for me i got so dissapointed to lose a travel agency thing, that i had decided to go back in 2017.  on arrival i broke down thinking im so old now and old. and lyft and all that. i ran away basically. i was 27 then and now im turning 31. Its really distressing. it was the last time. everytime my old friend try to contact they tell some story. oh i got job here, our friend had a baby. someone told me u went to india. etc. so i just cant talk anymore, and highschool friends. Forget it. Same thing. All think i dead or have gone to india ( i didnt say anything to them dont know how they assumed that, and the irony that im still here miserable ..)

  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    Just change and get a new account, with another name, or block them. You can always

    stop being on social network

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