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Please help ... What is meant by 'due' here in this context? Thanks?


We are due in court and may face some kind of penalty for selling a faulty product.

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    that youre supposed to be in court

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    3 months ago

    When something is due it means something is expected at a set time.  There is implied information missing in your sentence which would make the sentence make sense grammatically but is not considered necessary to include for the sentence to be considered complete.

    Read it like this and you'll see what the due refers to:

    "We are due in court [ON A SPECIFIC DATE] and may face some kind of penalty for selling a faulty product."

    If I said I'm due back at work on Wednesday it would mean that I'm expected to be back at work on that day.  It is a firm commitment to a time such as an appointment.  It can also be a deadline, but in a court case it's an appointment.

    Argh, yahoo keeps deleting my line breaks!  Sorry, didn't mean to confront you with a "wall of text."

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