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What can be used as bedding for a rabbit that is also edible?

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    For an indoor or outdoor rabbit? Indoor rabbits only need a litterbox. They don't need loose bedding over the whole cage floor. The easiest way to maintain an indoor cage is to have a litterbox setup that has wood pellets (not shavings) that are then topped with hay. The rabbits will eat the fresh hay but not the soiled hay. New hay should be added twice per day.

    Feel free to check my website for further info on other options for litter, how to litter train, etc.

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    Grass hay. Corn cobs should absolutely NOT be used in a rabbit cage. If ingested, they can cause a serious digestive blockage. 

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    Straw, Timothy grass, hay (non alfalfa)    Corn cob could be used in a pinch or it can be used *** a base under any of the grasses for absorbency.

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    cotton candy    

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