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Should I tell my parents I'm talking to this guy online?

You're probably thinking I'm dumb for this, but my intention was to not find a boyfriend.  This guy replied to a comment I made about math, and we ended up having a 30 minute exchange.  Then he asked if we could talk more, so we DM'd on reddit for 2 hours.  I couldn't believe I had found a nice guy who had similar interests as me.  We're also in the same grade (both 17) but live on opposite coasts of the US. We were making conversation while doing our homework together, and talking about our favorite classes.  I actually have a couple friends where I live, but I am glad to get to know someone new. :)

We've been talking for a week and he asked if we could SnapChat. I asked him 5 times if he was really 17 and he said he was and that he wasn't a weirdo. I didn't think he was, but just wanted to be 100% sure, and I even saw his FaceBook and everything matched up. He's been really nice and funny and relatable, and hasn't asked for any inappropriate pics. We send each other funny SnapChats and I 100% believe him. We talk for like 10 mins a day since we're both busy right now. 

I think this is just a friendship, but who knows it will become something more. I've gotten weird DMs on facebook before, and I blocked the person. I know not to engage in anything inappropriate. I'm not giving away much personal info, and if anything were to happen, I'd block this guy and never speak to him.

Should I tell my parents? My sister writes to penpals (girls) and mails letters, so could be OK.. 


I don't have a bad gut feeling at all. But if I did, I would stop. This is also my first time talking to someone online, boy or girl. 

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    I'd be very careful here-

    Have you seen him on video chat? If not, you can't be sure he is whom he says he is! He could have given you a fake facebook profile, he could have gotten a friend of his to use it etc... 

    If he is 100% legit, than he will have zero qualms about doing a 30 second video call to show his face! Its a reasonable request on your end, and you wouldn't be over stepping by asking him.

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