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Driving from Waco to DFW weekly?

So I got accepted into Baylor College in Waco for this coming Fall. My only hesitation to going in that I have a religious commitment to be in the DFW area once a week. It's a hour and a half drive one way and I have a car. Do you think that that is unreasonably far to drive weekly? It would be 3 hours round trip one day once a week. Thoughts?


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    You live in the West and are confused about driving three hours once a week"?  Many folks in the Plains states drive 3 hour round trip every day to work. The local Highway Patrol knows who they are and lets them drive 90 - 100.  Unless your "commitment" is a contract, I doubt God cares where you are.

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    WOW a  COLLEGE EDUCATED person that needs help telling time and help with time management. Many in college discover they do not get to operate 24 hours a day.

    ONLY YOU know if you have time for your activity PLUS the 180 minute drive.

    The drive back may be very late in the day curious as to when you plan to sleep and attend to those miscellaneous chores like ,course work, study, laundry.

    Your travel time is what REALLY. From door to door or just the time on the road. Add in time just getting from your room to your car and from car to your event.

    Hint do you arrive just a few seconds before event and depart the second it ends?

    Do you have the extra budget for this $100 plus weekly event?

    You could make use of your time during the drive by listening to something educational. Check out the campus bookstore for what is available related to your course of study.

    Give it a try and adjust as you being a COLLEGE student can determine what works best for your situation.

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    You are considering not going to a specific college because of a commitment once a week 1.5 hours away?????

    3 hours round trip is nothing

    I think it will become a pain for you

    I can't imagine a religious commitment that can't do done in WACO instead or at least online.

    I think it's a horrible idea not to go to a great university like Baylor because of a meeting you have once a week elsewhere. 

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    2 months ago

    Tough. You make a rod for your own back.

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    Not unreasonable. For many years I drove an hour each way to work daily.

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    Jesus doesn't want you going to DFW, it's far too liberal for him now.

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