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Marvin asked in Cars & TransportationMotorcycles · 2 months ago

Could not teach my Asian wife to drive my two ton SUV, but she is a master on a motorcycle? How can that be?


The driving school asked me not to bring her back. I have to grab the wheel because she struggles to stay in the lane. She drives down the center line. That is how they drive in Myanmar. Two years of intense training could not break the habit. Yes I observed that type of driving in Korea and Singapore. It is common.

I gave up and bought a light motorcycle. I purchased a 2021 Honda Supecub. That is what she said she used to ride in Myanmar. She got on it, buzzed around the block, and pulled it into the driveway like a pro. I was impressed. 

She is so small, and the bike weighs twice her weight yet she is “one” with it.

I always fhought it was harder to ride a motorcycle, than to drive.

BTW: we met in Singapore, not in Myanmar where she is from. I brought her back to LA with me,


Notice the anonymous attacker posting her rude comment. She did not even read the question. Typical American on Y!A.

Update 2:

I am very happy that she loves her “Road Wings”.

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Practice makes perfect. 

    It's called experience. 

    In Asia, bicycles and motorcycles are very popular.

  • 2 months ago

    The thing you want to do, you can learn. The thing you don't want to do, you will not learn.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    My sister lived in SE Asia 5 years. She got  used to seeing motorbikes, a kid  *  even  took a Shot at her and a friend from the back seat of one! So she didn't bat an eye when I said Id bought my FX. A bit concerned when I broke my leg on her, of course.

    Over here, mindset is the More steel around U, the safer.

    There, it seem the more visibility to avoid a hazard  (cows, pedestrians, rickshaws), the safer.  At least no pigs in the road..(Muslims)..

    *probably in late Twenties. but she and I are almost 64.

    EDIT: No it is Far Easier to drive an automatic Chevy  Spark or something.  Step on it, it Goes. Just takes practice knowing where your clearances are.  No balancing, pushing off. Hit brakes as Hard as you want, no locking up front, skidding back wheels,  no flying off like Superman. Has  ABS, anyway.   Cant Fall down, your Knee Can't hit a Hyundai's tail light and Erase it... 

    Marvin, don't take it personally.  This topic has gone Down Hill since Firecracker left. Everyone is a Harley-hater and Know-it-all. No room for anothers' opinion , much less Experience .Americans Hate being lumped together,. Im sure You  Furriners hate the common stereotypes about  You,  Too.  Be Polite or Be Reported.

    I , myself, am getting a Life, it's called Matrimony..

  • adam
    Lv 5
    2 months ago

    its easier to ride than to drive. Hard to explain to anyone who doesnt ride

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    "Could not teach my Asian wife" 

    Maybe the problem is with the teacher rather than the pupil.

    EDITED for the feeble-minded

    Oh yes it is definitely the teacher.

  • 2 months ago

    Your life would make a good romantic comedy!  "My Crazy Asian Wife".  I'd go see it!  See if you can get Jackie Chan in it somewhere.  Everyone loves Jackie Chan!

    Motorcycle are more zen.  They're about direct input, balance, finesse. You don't get into it, you merge with it.  You become the part that moves and balances and steers.  You are connected through the bike to the road.  It's a -sport-, like surfing or skiing.

    Driving a car, especially a BIG car, is more alienating.  You climb into it and strap yourself in.  You're looking at the world through windows, at an unnatural height. You're sitting on a couch.  You're isolated from the road by the car around you, the air conditioning, climate-control, stereo music.  All your inputs to the car are amplified and smoothed out and delayed through computer systems and hydraulic systems and electrical system.  The whole purpose of a car, especially a big car, is to shield you from the road, to distance you from it.  To make the experience more like watching TV.

  • Anton
    Lv 6
    2 months ago

    "I always fhought it was harder to ride a motorcycle, than to drive. "

    -- You are obviously wrong.

    Think about it -- on two wheels the vehicle is small, narrow, light, easy to control, easy to see where you are, easy to see how close you are near to something -- and you can see everything! There are no huge fender blocking from seeing the road, no blind spots anywhere.2

    I don't know you, but I started riding a pedal bicycle at age 30 months.

    By are 8 years of age, I was riding on the streets.  Going from a pedal bike to a 50cc Honda was *easier* -- no more pedaling! 

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