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Question about feminism?

Why do you people have the meaning of feminism all wrong? Feminism is when people support women's rights and being equal to men... Yet you all think that feminists are cruel, entitled, and think that they are better than men. Since when did that happen????

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    OG feminism was about things like letting women work, hold bank accounts and credit cards in their own names and making domestic violence and marital rape actual crimes. But even you, I'm assuming a fellow feminist, should be able to see that a certain faction of feminism has veered far off the trail of just equal rights and has now joined the same window smashing, doxxing and cancelling culture that first wave feminists would have found appalling. I think the point is that feminism isn't just one thing and there are many different permutations of it. 

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    Feminism became cruel and man hating when women DID obtain equal rights over 100 years ago. Equality has already been obtained. Now with that equal treatment, women also have to be equally responsible. And we know how that is. Women think "women's rights" means they can treat men like crap and obtain special privileges. Anything at all that advantages men...or even boys...is seen as sexist. Women having all the advantages is not equal rights. The pendulum has swung in the other direction. 

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    Why do you people have the meaning of feminism all wrong? 

    After hearing 9 or so definitions, I've created my own:

    "Feminism is a movement that advocates, campaigns, and lobbies for women's interests and advantages."

    Unfortunately, the definition of feminism has changed multiple times over the years. Even now, in conversation, people change the definition to mean whatever they want it to mean... just like I did.

    M-W used to define it as:

     1. the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes

     2. organized activity on behalf of women's rights and interest

    The problem is… these two definitions are completely different from each other! Already we are starting from a major discrepancy. One is just a 'theory' of equality of the sexes. I find it strange that feminism can aim for equality of the sexes while ignoring one sex entirely. The other is an advocacy movement. I tend to side more with the latter.


    : the advocacy of WOMEN'S RIGHTS [...] (Google)

    : organized activity in support of WOMEN'S RIGHTS & interests (Webster)

    : a militant movement for the improvement of WOMEN'S RIGHTS & roles in society (Larousse)

    NOTHING in these definitions pertain to equality!!!

    NOTHING in these definitions pertain to equality of the sexes.

    Yet you all... who? Yet you all think that feminists are cruel, entitled, and think that they are better than men. What? Who has ever said this??? I can't answer your following question because I have no idea what you're going on about.

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    2 months ago

    Ask Rush Limbaugh. He was one of the founders of Feminist-bashing.

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    Feminism is an offshoot of postmodernism, post structuralism, and of course critical theory, which is the collective term for Karl Marx’s assertion that there are dominant groups who oppress other groups.  As such, as much as it claims to be about equality, it never was. It is always about imagined slights against the so called oppressed group for which the dominant group must be punished and robbed of their earned resources and power because the oppressed group can’t be bothered to put in the effort to earn it themselves. It was always to take away equality and make the so called oppressed group the new dominant. 

    Women demanded equal pay for inferior work, calling it equal work even though they were less experienced, less physically capable and less productive than their male counterparts. Work is hard so give me money because I have lady bits. 

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    "Question about feminism?"

    You are confused between the idealized legacy of classic feminism, and the practical modern day feminism that exists today.  Feminism today seems to give any and all women (and some men) license to call themselves feminists, where they then declare feminism to be whatever they like. And no other "feminist" will ever challenge that. In fact, feminists will add to each others definition despite the fact that the mainstream movement doesn't ever define itself until it is confronted with its misandry and radical extremism. Then it reverts to the 100 year old First Wave definition of "equality" via Equal Rights (classic feminism), which is obviously not what feminism is today.

    Having viewed so many of the "I need feminism because...." signboards that were circulating the net a few years back will give you a good indication about how misinformed many of these self-identified feminists are. Feminism appears to be the authority of a deity with unlimited powers according to many that think feminism is the police, the creator, the behavioral scientist and Mother Nature, in any combination, or all rolled into one, depending on what message any one self-declared feminist is trying to convey.

    When those of us that are NOT confused by feminism come forth with straight ahead logical questions or statements of concern about the movement, then too many of these confused feminists become belligerent for some reason. It's as though feminism is NOT to be questioned, ever.



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    2 months ago

    I don’t like giving anyone any advantages, everything should be fair and just. If women aren’t meant to be a certain way, then so be it, no need to force it just for the sake of fulfilling one’s ego and fake perceived “equality”. Women and men are not equal. Women are women, men are men simple as that...

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    2 months ago

    Feminism is as feminism does. It USED to be about supporting women's rights and equality. Now, it's a leftist movement that focuses on man-hate and killing the unborn.

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