Could anyone explain to me in simple terms what Senate, Congress, Constitution and House of Repersentative means?

I have no clue!

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    The "House of Representatives" are the elected officials representing each state.  They vote on the bills that become laws.  There is a grand total of 535 members in the House of Representatives.  

    The House of Representatives is divided into two halves - the Senate and the Congress.

    The Senate has two representatives from each state for a total of 100 members.

    The Congress has representatives based on the population of the state - a very small state with low population would only have one member of congress while a very large state with high population could have several.  The total number in congress is 435 members.  

    The Constitution is a written document representing the rights of the people.  When new laws are made, those laws are often measured up against the constitution to verify that the law is not infringing on the original rights given to the people.  There have been several amendments to the constitution to clarify or update those rights.  (extra info - the Supreme Court would determine if a new law violates the Constitution.)  

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    No, the Constitution does not "give" the people any rights.  The people HAVE rights by virtue of their nature as Humans.  Those rights are documented in our Bill of Rights, and the government is charged not to interfere with those rights, but to protect them.

    If the Constitution or the officers of the government were the source of our rights, then they would have been given the power to alter, to limit, or revoke our rights.  That power was NOT given to government.   

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    The "Best Answer" is incorrect.

    The House of Representatives totals **435** in number and is comprised of elected individuals from each state. The number of "House" members each state gets is based on the population size of that state.  So, largely populated states like California and Texas get more House representatives than sparsely populated states like Wyoming, for example. The "House" is meant to quickly react to matters of importance.  


    The Senate, on-the-other-hand, is made up of ONLY 2 Senators per state -- or **100** total members.  This body is supposed to take its time weighing matters of importance which is why US senators get 6-yr terms and US House members only get 2-yr terms. 


    The term "US Congress," includes BOTH the House of Representatives and the Senate, for a total of 535 "members of Congress."


    Lastly, The US Constitution is the document that spells out in broad strokes how our government is to behave. It is our highest set of laws and guidelines that new laws must also adhere to.

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    There's an error in the former answer.  "Congress" includes both the Senate and House of Representatives.  

    It seems he has Congress and the House mixed up.

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