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What if 3/4 of the human population died from a disease?

So if a disease wiped out 3/4 of the human population, then the remaining 1/4 became completely immune to it so that they would be unaffected by it. How much farm land would be needed to support the remaining population, if they only need minimum requirements for food, and some cropland would have to be used to raise animals for human consumption? I don't want a specific number I'm just wondering roughly the size, like compared to a country. Assuming all the land is useable crop land. 

I just have a book in the works and I'm wondering how much land would be reasonable to support a population of that size. What do you guys think? I'm also doing my own research on this topic but I'm hoping you can illuminate any factors I may have missed.

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    There would be 1/4 people left and the earth wouldn't be so crowded, so be happy these people are gone.

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    About the size of Texas...   this is a fact...   keep your birth rate down if you are just starting off from scratch...   need any other facts...???    try not to dump on your fresh water.... thx

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    minimum-requirements for food means everybody is vegan and nobody smokes tobacco. We could feed 18 billion vegans now, so assuming Gray Bold is correct and we'd be left with 2 billion humans, we'd need 0.2 billion hectares.

    We'd probably need even less if we are smart enough to plant some "edible forests" to provide fruit, nuts etc

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    I suppose if I thought about it I could write a dissertation about what would happen.

    But I don't have time, so suffice it to say it would be an economic disaster and recovering from such a large loss of life would require a lot of re-allocation of resources.

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    There are 1.87 billion hectares of croplands in the world currently.  Just divide by four.

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