Should I move to Newport, Rhode Island or should I move to Wilmington, NC? What are the pros and cons of each city?

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    2 months ago

    I will never understand these questions from people who claim to be contemplating a move from one place to another and are enlisting the help of the general public in making a decision. How could any of us possibly know which place might be better for YOU? None of us has ever met you. We couldn't possibly know what sort of person you are. We don't know what's important to you, what you're looking for, what sort of work you do, what sort of weather you prefer, what sort of activities you like to engage in. How could we possibly tell you that you'd be better off moving to one rather than to the other? 

    I have been to both places. I don't have any idea why you have narrowed your choices down to those two particular options. In fact, I cant understand why even if it was a choice between Rhode Island or North Carolina that you would pick either of those particular cities as each state has a lot more to offer than these. 

    There are pros and cons to both cities. It's really about what the selling points would have to be for YOU specifically. Are you married? Got kids? Are things like safety and good schools important to you? Maybe you're single. Perhaps a good single's scene and a lot of nightlife and a low cost of living would be important to you. Have you had a look at the job market in each place? Are you an accountant or a mechanic? How would I know where you might be able to find a job more easily? Do you have $100,000 to your name or are you moving with only the clothes on your back and the change between your couch cushions? 

    Whether I would choose Rhode Island or North Carolina would depend entirely on the specifics - where I would be living, where I'd be working, who I would have in my social circle once I got settled in there, that's how I make decisions. 

    If you want to update your question and include some more specifics, maybe we might be able to give you some better advice, but as of now any answer would essentially just be one person saying "I prefer A over B" or "I prefer B over A", completely arbitrarily.  

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    2 months ago

    I would think winter in NC is not as severe as winter in RI.

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    If this is a serious question, I would suggest you visit each location before you decide.  First and foremost I would pick the one where I had the better job opportunity, everything else is just fluff.

    I've not lived in either place, but I've been to both and I lived in New England.  Visited Newport several times.

    From Newport it's an approximately 2 hour drive to either Boston or New York City. The scenery in Newport is superior in my opinion. Newport is more historic in that it was among the original major ports in the new world, lots of buildings dating back to the 17th century. No major city is close to Wilmington.

    If going to the beach is a high level need, then in my mind the only choice is Wilmington.  There are beaches, actually nice beaches, in Rhode Island, but none are in close proximity to Newport.  The ocean water temps are much higher in Wilmington.  Traffic can be horrid in either place, but Newport is much more condensed such that getting around during the height of tourist season is problematic.  I'm sure the locals know the back roads around the congestion points though.

    Living in Wilmington a strong hurricane is a very real possibility.  Living in Newport, nasty winter Nor'easters are a guarantee - every winter.  The summers in Newport will be cooler than Wilmington. The winters will be much warmer in Wilmington.  Weather is the only natural disaster type of event that will happen in either place.

    Newport is an upscale tourist destination.  It was the playground of 19th century robber barons - Cornelius Vanderbilt to be specific.  It's where the rich summered before there was air conditioning.  Jackie (Bouvier) Kennedy Onassis grew up there.  It's like the Hamptons on the eastern tip of Long Island.  Point being the cost of living in Newport will be high.  It might not be a lot higher than Wilmington, but as far as Rhode Island goes it probably has the highest COL in the state.  I suspect the taxes are much higher in Rhode Island.  The politicians in Rhode Island have a terrible reputation for being corrupt.  Providence RI is known for its association with the Italian Mobs.  Research Buddy Cianci.

    Wilmington is close enough to Myrtle Beach, SC that I suspect the bulk of tourists head there.  Locals (who live in NC) would go to Wilmington or OBX.

    Newport has the Newport Folk Festival every year (pre-COVID) which is the preeminent music festival in the USA.  One of the reasons I frequently visited Newport.

    The US Tennis Association hall of fame is in Newport.

    Newport leans more to the liberal highly educated class of people.  Wilmington leans more towards the conservative working class.  

    If money were no object I would pick Newport, primarily because I prefer the area and it's proximity to NYC and Boston.

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