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how do i write a receipt when someone pay me to do work for them?

after a wind storm blown down trees in this person yard and she hire me to cut them up and move them to the side of the road and she want me to write her a receipt after she pay me for the work i done and i don't know how to write one, i never had to write a receipt before can you give me an example on how to write a receipt? 

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    The basic 6 components of a receipt include:

    1)    The name and address of the business or individual receiving the payment.

    2)    The name and address of the person making the payment.

    3)    The date the payment was made.

    4)     The amount paid.

    5)    The reason for the payment.

    6)    How the payment was made (credit card, cash, etc)

    Simple as that, although you could include more information.

    It can not be written in Pencil

    Stationary shops (Staples, Office Max, etc.) have pre-printed pads. (Fill in the blanks.)

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    A neatly written out receipt can read,  

     I "your name" received the sum of "******** Dollars" from "customer's name" being for cutting up and removal of storm damaged trees from their yard.

     Signed "your name"    Dated **/**/2020

      "your address"

       "your phone number"

    She may need the receipt for an insurance claim.  If you have a printer just print out what I put above and fill in you name and their name and the amount (generally best written out fully as well as in numerals) signed by you and dated with your address and contact details in case some one like the insurer wishes to contact you to verify anything.  No need to go buy a receipt book for one job.  Most businesses have receipt templates on their computer and when they sell something they just fill in the needed details then print it out for the customer as well as keeps a copy for their own records.  As long as the receipt has all that information likely it is quite legal for any use.

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    Go on the Word program and put "receipt" in the templates. You can even customize it. 

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    You can buy a pad of receipts at the store,

    A store where you buy office supplies.

    Just fill it out, and give to them. 

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    Type or manuscript in ink. Date. Received of Mrs Woman, address: to removal of fallen tree debris, cutting and stacking of same for removal by others, payment in full the sum of $x.xx, cash. Joe Russell, address, tel.  With thanks.

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    There are templates online for Microsoft Word or Excel.  You can also by a receipt book at Office Max or even Walmart in the office supply section.

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    Just google it. There are rules for exactly what need to be on that paper to be counted as a receipt. It's not difficult.

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