5 month sleeps in with my wife occasionally?

My daughter is 5 months old and is a pretty great sleeper.  She has had a few bad nights recently but normally sleeps for 9 or 10 hours on her own with no feeds and right through. 

My wife gets really mad when she cant get sleep and it infuriates me because she knows I will take her in the morning and she can get long lies as long as she let's me grab a few hours when she's up.  I work back shift so it works. 

Last few times my daughter hasn't wanted to got to sleep and she has just built a mini Fort where my daughter sleeps and it looks safe enough and she can't roll over yet.

We have a dog though who wants in beside them and I don't think it's right.  I love my dog but he might hurt her by accident and I said she is being naive to think it will always be fine.  I get told I'm not supporting her and I am bloody am.  

I haven't slept in my bed for 5 months.  I use the sofa bed because I'm a loud sleeper and go to bed later so I don't wake her up.  This is totally OK with me, but when the time comes to put her in her big cot I worry she will not like it, and will develop anxiety.  As she's getting older she is picking up on things and knows when mum's not there.  

Im a good Dad.  I change nappys, bath her, feed her, take her on my own ot let my wife go out, and do all the things expected of me.  I want too I'm never asked but I feel helpless when it come to bed times and the fact my wife only breastfeeds. 

Over reacting or not?  I think I'm just being cautious. 

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  • 1 week ago

    This great big load of waffle, and yet no one has a clue what you're on about or what you're asking. Christ 

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    1 week ago

    From personal experience I found that it will work itself out.  My child slept in his crib until he learned to climb out.  Then is was time for a real bed. 

  • 1 week ago

    Can I even see ur wife?

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