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Why do wwe divas still wrestle when they are pregnant?

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    Their body their choice as long as WWE doesn't find themselves legally responsible they all that female wrestlers perform

  • "Divas" is a term that WWE retired before WrestleMania 32, 6 years ago. Becky Lynch is pregnant and has been on Maternity Leave for more than 3 Months. Brie Bella, Nikki Bella weren't working while they were pregnant. Maryse didn't work much while she was pregnant with either of her children. Which WWE Women are working while pregnant?  

  • Money, lack of health-care, fear that if they take time off they will lose their jobs.

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    Egos and they need the money. 

    Honestly it's like women who still hit the gym when pregnant and try to look like models. Lol. It's their choice. At least they did not do an abortion to murder the child.

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    Because they probably are not that far along.

  • I don't think that really happens often, it's something that is very rare. I'm going to assume it's because they are not that far into their pregnancy, so they feel no damage will be done to the egg.

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    I agree this is wrong. HHH also forces divas to wrestle when they are on their period too and he also refuses to buy tampons for them and they have to get their mans to go in the store and buy them and it is very humiliating because everyone assumes they are using the tampons for pleasure to the anus. 

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    2 months ago

    Because it isn't a real sport.

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