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Mother in law demanding baby sitting ?

Ok.. last question about in laws!

Mother in law demanding to babysit for 6 hours next week. I’ve never left my baby longer than 3-4. I told my husband I don’t want them to babysit longer then around 3 hours and it’s turned into a big fight.. he thinks it’s his decision too. But i think it’s my decision because I’m breastfeeding, and I hate having to pump heaps of bottles for them. 

If you’ve seen my previous posts. MIL is very irresponsible, she put my baby on a coffee table on a pillow, she force feeds her, she grabs her out of my arms, she spilt a whole breast milk bottle all over the baby. And so much other little things.. she doesn’t mean to be like that. I don’t know.

What am I to do? Is this really my husband choice too?

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    Is there a reason for you to be gone for six hours other than grandma just wants you to be? You've got some good reasons to not want to leave her alone with the baby for an extended period of time, not just that she's pushy, but she's made some decisions that could be very harmful to your child. When it comes to safety, no your husband doesn't get a choice if his choice is about making his mommy happy and not keeping his child safe. If there's no reason you need or have to leave for that long, you would have to pump extra when you don't really need to... I don't see why anyone would try to force you to do that. I think you need to have a conversation with your husband about this, yes, he's the father, however, he also needs to realize how difficult it is to pump for no reason and how dangerous some of his mother's decisions have been. 

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    It IS his decision too, but it's one you need to make TOGETHER.  

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    You are the mother, if you don't like what is happening, it is your choice and right to say no. Frankly if your MIL is that irresponsible, don't let her keep the baby at all. But if you choose to, you have every right to tell them they have 3 hours and that is it. Also, make it known that if you do not like what she is doing to the baby, ie force feeding, grabbing her etc, you will put a stop to them having the child. If your hubby doesn't like it, too bad. 

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