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What caused a pet budgie to die out of a sudden?

One of my budgies died a few months ago, and the remaining one just died all of a sudden. Yesterday, it was still normal and excited in its cage. It was lifting up the food container door with its beak, up and down, up and down, doing playful bird things. The next day, I saw it waking up and eating food. Then, I ran some errands and came home to find the bird in a seizure-like state. Then, it passed. The previous bird died with seizures too, but it was weakening and puffed up all the time. This bird died all of a sudden, I did not expect it to died this soon at all.


There are 2 birds in my story, don't be confused. The 1st one died with a decline. The 2nd died very sudden, I didn't expect.

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    The deal with most birds, is you normally won't know they are doing poorly until it's too late. And too late can be a matter of hours or minutes.

    Was your bird getting a wide variety in its diet? Was it getting a clean source of grit or cuttle bone? Clean water several times a day or a water bottle? 

    Do you have gas heat? Drafty area near the bird cage? Cold outside wall where you have the cage? Have you been using a warming panel/perch/cage cover. And can the bird get away from the warming source to cool down? 

    If you have forced air heating, are the filters changed often? Heater inspected for carbon monoxide, gas leaking? Does not take much to take out caged birds. 

    Are you using air freshener sprays,  misting essential oils, heated wax scents? All bad for birds in the same room. 

    Also pet shop budgies and other small birds, don't have the best genes or life spans as the same birds in the wild, with a much better diet of grasses, seeds, nuts, fruit, insects. 

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    The most usual reason for birds in captivity dying is digestion problems. They need grit to digest their food and when the grit gets low it is mostly dus and doesn't work.

    It can be very sudden

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    birds who are puffed up are not well and u should have taken to the vet

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