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I can't aim accurately because I see my hand twice when I'm pointing at something? Why? ?

I have always struggled with visual accuracy: my depth perception is bad and I struggle with aim in sports (passing a ball, getting a goal in basketball/netball, accurate shooting in archery etc).

I recently noticed that when Im trying to aim, for example if I'm trying to point at a distance object, I need to close my right eye (which I do automatically and always have) otherwise aim is impossible because I see my pointing hand twice - like double vision. If I switch my focus and look at my hand then that corrects the double vision, however I then see the object I'm trying to focus on twice. It seems like this isn't supposed to happen and it makes it hard to accurately line up my index finger with the object I'm trying to point at. 

When I was younger I was told by an archery instructor that I'm left eye dominant which I know puts me in the minority. But I'm not actually able to confirm this easily because all the methods of testing ocular dominance require me to accurately point out a distance object. 

I'm not worried about it, just curious as to why this is and if its normal or not. I think I might have undiagnosed dyspraxia and was wondering if it could be related. 

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