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Does my dad have a drinking problem?

He does not drink during the day or when driving and it has not affected his work, but since my mum died in 2016 he has drunk very heavily on weekends when not working. He usually has at least 2 bottles of vodka or red wine. He is not violent when drunk but he pretty much doesn't acknowledge my presence even if I cry he is so out of it.

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    I am glad you are concerned about your dad. It's hard to lose someone who has become a part of you. It would be nice if you would show your dad that you care for him and love him. It might take away some of the hurt that he is trying to make better with alcohol. Be the best kid you can be for a while, and learn to care about his feelings.

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    That is a lot of alcohol and makes me wonder why  he doesn't have alchool poisoning  by now if  he hasn't already. That is a dangerous amount. That is why he is out of it. Alcchol impairs people's thinking and judgement.i don't like to say this on questions like these but it does sound like he has a drinking problem.Even though he only drinks on weekends.

    I am  so say sorry about your mom.

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    Two 750 ml bottles of vodka in a day is called alcohol poisoning. 

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