What's a good, cheap controller for Android gaming?

I can only play Fortnite with my cousin and friends on my Galaxy s10+ and it's quite difficult and annoying not having buttons, triggers and joysticks. I recently got my Xbox One controller working on my phone, but it's the old model so I had to go wired and it just doesn't work, like the controls are completly screwed up when in a match. I've tried to find a fix but apparently that's just what happens, for whatever reason Fortnite and other games on Android just don't work with a wired Xbox One controller and need Bluetooth, which mine doesn't have. So is there any good mobile controllers, preferably with a Xbox One style and wired (I'll go Bluetooth if it's best) that is $20 or less, or is my best bet just buying a new Xbox One controller? 


I'm sure someone can give some kind of answer. 

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