Should I be mad at my son ? ?

My son got married to his partner on Thursday his partner is also a guy I never expected him to turn out gay not like his brother did I knew his brother was gay but I never thought he would be especially not at 26 years old. I'm now worried for his younger brother he's 10 almost 11 I'm worried about him ending up gay like his two older brothers. I was really shocked when he got married I think hes setting a bad example for his younger brother. Should I be mad at him ? 


I also don't think its right for an almost 11 year old to see two guys kissing and hugging on each other I think he's having a hard time understanding it

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  • Blearg
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    2 months ago
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    I wouldn't be mad. People are gay sometimes. They should be allowed to start relationships and make commitments just like anybody else. 

    Feelings aren't initially about logic though. It's okay to feel mad. The important part is what you do next, and how you talk to your sons about this. It will determine if they tell you about what's important to them, if they keep you in their life, and most importantly, whether they even make it to adulthood. As a person who had a classmate commit suicide over parental rejection of them being gender-nonconforming (we never even got to know if the student was gay, transgender, or just naturally feminine, but we do know that bullying about their "effeminacy" is what pushed them over the edge), it's difficult for me to ever condone parental rejection over something that science and history suggest aren't really changable. 

    If you want your sons to remain alive and in your life, I suggest setting your disgust aside and trying to make space for who they actually are, not what you assumed they would be. If you aren't able to do that, they will do their best to find family elsewhere. It's really up to you what's more important. 

  • 2 months ago

    OMG you need to be slapped.

    A person does not END UP GAY.

    You are gay, the same as you are straight. It is what it is. 

    You don't wake up one morning and think~ yup, I'm gay from here on out. It would be the same as being a brunette and waking up one morning and you have blond hair from then on. 


    Did you ever give any thought that if you were kinder to your kids, more open with them and more accepting, you would not be where you are today. Why would your son tell you that he has a partner and he is getting married when your attitude is what it is? And you are showing the exact same thing to your your youngest. 

    There is nothing wrong with your sons, this is all on you and your shtty attitude. If you had anyone to be mad at, be mad at yourself for treating your sons so badly. No matter what, straight or gay, they are your children and deserve to be loved. 

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    No he is an adult, he doesn't need to be miserable due to setting a good example in your eyes. There is nothing wrong with being gay, that is not a good or bad example, it just shows you are free to chose your liking's. Being gay again is not bad, I know a lot of gay people and they are nicer then us straight people! Maybe your son that just got married should only socialize with his partners family, if you feel this way, he is 26 not 6!!!!

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