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Isn't it confusing to have 2 Superboys at the same time, Jonathan Kent and Conner Kent?

Inside the comic world, everytime people talk about them, they have to explain the dress style to know which Superboy they are talking about or their friends and families would be confused.

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    Yeah comics are always very confusing, here's some examples. Right now xmen is having a 22 part crossover and in it, characters are dying and then being reborn with different personalities from their alternate universe selves. In the beginning of next year every DC comic is canceled and getting rebooted as a series taking place in the future, and then a couple months later all those are getting canceled and every comic is going to take place in present day again. In 2012, Spider-Man died and his body was taken over by Doctor Octopus, then 2 years later it went back to Peter Parker, shortly after that he met up with Octopus Peter who had traveled to the future in the past and they had an adventure together, a year later Octopus Peter was reborn as a robot who later killed a clone of Peter to take his clone body and move to San Francisco, then he made a deal with the devil to get his Octopus body back, and now hasn't been seen for over a year but an alternate universe Octopus is fighting Doctor Doom in his current book. Basically comics are very confusing and theres often multiple versions of characters simultaneously existing or having been brought from other times to exist, and fans still enjoy it. 

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    What happened to Clark Kent?

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    I think there should be 0 Superboys.  

    I am not saying that you can't have ANY spinoff characters, but I think you should minimize them to avoid watering down the main property.  Also, any spinoff should have major and substantial narrative differences that make them distinct.

    For example, I think Supergirl is Superman's one good spinoff because her backstory exposes her to the pathos and pain that Superman's backstory avoids.  She can be the narrative answer to the question of "What if someone with Superman's powers wasn't evil (we have villains for that) but also wasn't perfect like Superman?"

    I don't feel like Superboy (either) has any particular narrative niche that makes them interesting.

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    No more than a bunch of spiderman.

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    Jonathan is Clark's father's name-- well, adoptive father.

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