For anyone familiar with progressive agendas, is this (below) close to being true?

[the right] still clings to the 18th-century concept of universal individual freedom over our more up-to-date intersectionality with its precise ability to determine exactly how much privilege, compensation or condemnation any given individual deserves.

1) who is us or “our” in this?

2) how popular is this concept?

3) how legal is this concept? 

4) is intersectionality in progress now?

1 Answer

  • Bobo
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    It is clearly not conservative and has some merit of the liberal mindset.  By and large, it is utter nonsense (typical for an emotional thinking liberal).

    1)  Us and/or Our in this is society (a collective)

    2)  This concept would only be popular with elitist liberals whose emotional thought process supplants objective reality.

    3)  The US Constitution confers freedom upon the individual--it would take a leftist interpretation of the Constitution to strike down those freedoms.  It is not legal at all to anyone who thinks with objective reason. 

    4)  "Intersectionality" is essentially nonsense--esoteric jargon to confuse and promote the notion that somehow society (without rule of law) can ascribe freedom to an individual. 

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