How To Start 2021 The Right And Positive Way?

And After The Bullshit Reign Of Donald Trump Is Over And Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. Will Become United States President If He Swears In Office Next Year Via Inauguration Day And All The Bullshit Coronavirus Pandemic Disaster Ruined Pop Culture Will Be Over And That Quarantine (Or The Q Word That Is Not Racist) Word Will Be Banned Forever And Please Just Start 2021 Already With No Drama, No Chaos, Just Nothing 

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  • Foofa
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    2 months ago
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    The best President is one you don't have to hear about all the time and one supposes once Biden's in office our news media might actually cover something other than the White House. But just because you're not hearing all day every day about COVID-19 doesn't mean the virus has gone away. So continue to be careful with this even once it isn't being used as a political issue. 

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