i NEED HELP with my year 9 courswork PLEASE?

Can sombody please help me with this question im dyslexic and dont understand its my last day to submit please. PLZ i will never foget u in my life. its basicaly about a job application essay about helping people without a job.

 this is the question:Section 2 - Information, experience, knowledge, skills and abilities Please refer to the Guidance Notes for further details.  Please explain and demonstrate how your experience, skills and knowledge meet the selection criteria for the post described in the Person Specification (found in guidance notes).Please ensure that you address all the criteria on the person specification using the same order and numbers. this is what it says in the guidance notes:explain using your:-Knowledge and experience of the benefits systems- Experience of carrying out accurate benefit check calculations in a professional setting   - Basic knowledge of multiple enquiry areas to aid with identifying emergencies and making referrals where appropriate -other desirablesYou should go through this point-by-point and show on your application form how you have the particular experience or skills asked for. You should give examples to evidence your statements. Typically, these examples will be things you have done in the past or responsibilities that you have at present. Where relevant you should explain the results you achieved as well as describing the activity itself.    

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