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if a company is in boston but says remote, can a person from any town in mass apply technically? Serious inquiry thx tc?

thx again

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    Anyone 'technically' can apply.  Remote simply means not in the office.  Once they see your qualifications they will weight them against a number of things including time zones, how often travel might be needed, who you're working with, and even what the salaries are there compared to Boston (which almost certainly will be more.)

    Bottom line, if a job says, 'remote' you don't worry about what they mean by that unless they actually contact you and start a conversation.  Then you bring it up in the course of the first couple meetings if they don't.


    And Anonymous is correct that you should make sure this is a legit company.  If you're dealing with a recruiter who wants too much information up front, then there is no job available.  You should be able to look up an actual company name and check them out.  The vast majority are legit, but it's all those other ones you have to weed through.

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    Anyone can apply to a job anywhere. But you should ask whether the job is going to stay remote after the pandemic ends, or will you need to move to within commuting distance.

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    Does it say you can live anywhere? What is the worst thing that can happen if not? You don't get the job. You were not getting it anyway.

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    That's up to the company.   You might be able to live anywhere you want.

    Be careful.  There are a lot of remote job scams right now.   Verify the job is legit before you give them data like your birthdate, SSN, etc. and DO NOT send them any money or give them a credit card number even if they tell you it's for a security deposit on the laptop they're sending you.   Lots of these places pretend to hire you just to steal your identity/money.

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    Depends what they mean by remote.  My husband's firm has put everyone on remote till mid 2021 but eventually they will all go back to working at the office. 

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