UK 5G work on 4G phones?

I want to get a 5G deal because next year I'll buy a 5G phone but in the mean time can I use a 5G sim on a 4G phone?

I'm aware I won't get the 5G speed but will I still be able to use 4G?

1 Answer

  • 2 months ago

    The 5G standard used in the UK works using existing 4G SIMs.

    No special SIM is necessary unless your old one is too large for your new phone (such as needing to change from microSIM to nanoSIM). But you may need your mobile phone service provider to upgrade their package. Many UK providers such as Vodafone include it at no additional cost.

    I upgraded to a 5G phone on Saturday and just swapped my SIM; as soon as I was in a 5G coverage area my phone display told me I was getting 5G.

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