Some TV programs recorded to USB can't play on  laptop (error 0x8007007b). I can't rename, send, delete them but all still play on my TV. ?

Windows10, Lenovo Notebook, all files are .mts , and about one in ten exhibits this problem. When I try to alter anything on the suspect file, I am told that the file name is 'invalid or too long'. However, I am able to change the file type to .mp4, for example, but this does not help. I am not overly computer savvy, so any help would be much appreciated.  Regards,  William


Thank you David and Keerok for your prompt replies, but neither answer helped, since I am unable to shorten/change file names in any way, except for the file type which I had already done to mp4. Is it possible the affected programs have something built-in to their file details which prohibits changes, thus stopping them being played on my laptop. They can still be played back on the TV from which they were recorded, a Hi-Sense TV. It is only some files, recorded from a variety of TV channels.

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  • keerok
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    2 months ago
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    IF they are not originally mp4, you can't just rename them to mp4 and expect them to work. Try converting those videos to mp4. If you don't have a video converter, download Handbrake.

  • David
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    2 months ago

    What happens when you try and shorten it? If the file name is too long you should be able to shorten it. Navigate to the files and right click the the file, click rename and give it a shorter name.

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