Is all in my head or are there legitimate Issues? (Workplace)?

Hello everyone,

I was offered a position as a Marketing/Social Media Manager for a local supply store with a large e-commerce business. I made sure to communicate with owner of the job description & all the responsibilities that came with the job... Boost social media presence by growing on all relevant social media platforms, boost sales by doing targeted ad campaigns, etc.

Fast forward 4 months, the ad campaigns have boosted sales, social media presence is up, and I feel that I have contributed a lot to the business in this short period of time. The store manager, aka my coworker, let's call him Nick, is a nice dude. However, Nick keeps on trying to do my job & has even prevented me do certain things so that he could do it himself. He would make important marketing phone calls and set up marketing meetings without me?? 

I had to address Nick on why he set these meetings without including me in it, & he straight up told me, "Oh, well you're in charge of Instagram and FB, and not marketing." I was honestly so shocked and confused by his response. I had to explain to him that I am hired as the marketing and social media manager, and that my job responsibilities go beyond social media. He pauses & says, "well there are other faucets to marketing, and this media was a part of a different faucet".  

Do you believe Nick is unintentionally disrespecting me? I mean its 4 months in and he still doesn't know my job role? This is concerning to me.

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    2 months ago
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    Give me Nicks address so I can send him some cash.

  • 2 months ago

    Are you in an English speaking country?  Is English your first language?

    I only know 4 paragraphs about you.  You don't come off as a marketing manager or someone who talks in a social media kind of way.

    "I made sure to communicate with owner of the job description & all the responsibilities that came with the job."

    - What does this mean?

    Usually the manager creates the job description and communicates the job duties to all the members of the staff.

    - Did you create your own job description?  Did the owner of the business agree to it?  Did the owner communicate it to others so everyone knows each other's roles? 

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