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If replacing both the lower kitchen cabinets & flooring, does the flooring go all the way to the wall with the cabinets on top.....?

Or does the flooring go in second, after the cabinets are installed, such that they only go up to the front of the cabinets? Is either way better, or does it matter?

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    yes that  is correct

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    Usually, the painter comes in after the drywaller is finished sanding, and seals the walls and waits a day or 2 for the sealer to dry. The cabinet installer can come in and put in the kitchen cabinets after the sealer is on the walls. Latex sealer holds the drywall dust to the walls making it dust free.   After a day or two the painter goes in and applies the color coat to the walls.  If the cabinets ARE in place fine; if NOT, fine too.  They just did not get out to that house yet which is holding up the plumber because where does he hang the kitchen sink? He needs the cabinets in place.  Flooring has not entered the picture yet.  Flooring is usually AFTER THE CABINETS ARE INSTALLED.  There is a kickboard under the cabinets(of at least 6") so the cabinet doors do not drag on the floor- & and it gets carpeted.

    . It does not matter to the carpet layers or the cabinet installers...but finishing off the kickboard with carpet makes it looked finished.  Talk to the various trades people who do these jobs.  The cabinet makers are usually the guys who deliver it and your CARPENTER INSTALLS IT. It is neither here nor there which way you do it...Except that the cabinets may be built out of particle board so the kick is also tacky particle board.  Or your carpenter has build 6" high boxes where the cabinets sit on top of.

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     IF IT'S HARDWOOD, it's best to do the entire room BEFORE the cabinets are put back--so that if they are ever moved, hardwood doesn't have to be matched to existing flooring. You should always lay a hardwood floor (or bamboo, or any decorative wood) over the ENTIRE floor first before installing any built-ins.

    If it's some other type of flooring, why waste flooring underneath cabinets?  It CAN be installed under them, but it's not necessary and it's an expense you don't have to have. Almost everywhere I've looked, flooring goes only to the fronts. In fact, for ceramic tile, you don't want the cabinets on top of it--it will crack them. So any kind of vinyl, tiles, or removable, or changeable floor, run it only to the edges, not under the units. 

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    It can be done both ways. Most builder grade homes run the flooring up to the cabinets after they are installed. Some people think having the flooring under the cabinets makes it easier to co changes later but depending on the flooring it may or may not be useable after years of being in place.

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    its your choice ..its actually easier if it does cover completely ..but more expensive ..its easier because items like washing machine ..fridge ..dishwasher are slid in and out on a level surface ..and plinths are easier to remove 

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    There's no point paying for and installing flooring underneath kitchen cabinets where it will never be seen or stepped on. Typically you install the cabinets first, and the flooring last. A smaller consideration is that you don't want the cabinet workers to be walking on a new floor, possibly dropping tools or damaging it.

    The biggest factor, however, is that you wouldn't want the floor installed first (under the cabinets), because if you ever want to replace the floor tiles (or whatever) in the future, you'd have to remove all the cabinets to get to the pieces that are partially under them and partially exposed. If there's half a tile/floorboard sticking out from under the cabinet, how do you remove that?

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    My house has tiles that were put in after the cabinets were installed. I want to remodel the kitchen, but that means I can't change the cabinets without pulling up the floor.

    In a previous house that had lino floor in the kitchen, I removed all the cabinets and pulled up the lino. Then I installed vinyl tile over the whole floor and put in the cabinets on top. It was much easier, because I did not have to cut tile around the cabinets, and also it meant the floor was completely flat and smooth when I put the cabinets in.

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    My kitchen was recently remodeled the old flooring stopped at cabinet

    The new flooring is the same

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