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My husband and I are ready to purchase a baby. What should we know going forward?

We are first time baby buyers and in over our heads! I am personally okay with buying used as they are obviously cheaper, but my husband has his heart set on a brand new one. (Personally I would be constantly nervous about scratching up a fancy new expensive baby!) We've been considering one called "Erica," who is very aesthetically pleasing, and even comes with her own crib. She's within our price range, but a little on the large side -  I just don't think we need such a big baby taking up a lot of space! I've heard great things about one called "Jordan," and most of his reviews are excellent, but one user mentioned that he's a big eater, and to me it's important to have a food-efficient baby to minimize our carbon footprint. What was your baby-hunting process like and what advice would you give?

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    I picked mine up at Ikea.  He’s not a recall model either, the E-3000 model.  A 2018 model.  He was new when we got him and he still has all his oroginal serial numbers and original colour too.  

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  • Amazon is quite good. You can sent it back too by January 31st 2021 if you don't like it or want it anymore. If you're a Prime Customer, the kid could be there by tomorrow!

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