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whats it mean to dream of pineapple?

in the dream a lady was slicing the pineapple and coating them in batter before frying them. they were coming out in big golden rings and she said you may have one as i watched. i woke up right before i was about to eat it


damn this section suks

Update 2:

@charley... wow your interpretation was really good. thanks!

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    Tart and tasty pineapple, sounds good enuf to eat!  Leave some for me.

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    Very interesting dream. Lets break it down. We all know that a pineapple is very sweet and tangy. However this one was being sliced and had batter poured over it. The greasy coating. Then came the fire when it is fried.

    The lady is represents your Spiritual guide. The pineapple represents the sweet life that you long for. The batter represents how sometimes good things in life have a rough coating. The fire is necessary to prepare the meal. The fire represents the experiences in life that seem hard, some people chose to call them trials. They are lessons and once you get through the fire, and bite through the rough exterior then you get to the sweet part. All good things require some type of sacrifice and some endurance of things that are not pleasant. What ever you are going through now, Spirit is telling you to endure the fire and rough coating as the sweetness will surely follow. If my interpretation is correct, you have been given a valuable lesson.

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