Can I get covid again?

I am just getting over covid at the moment and I touched some packages I received in the mail, and now I’m worried I can get it again from them. One of the plastic straps from the package came off and hit me in my eye. I’m kind of paranoid it could have covid on it lol. Is it possible to get it again? 

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    2 months ago
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    There have been a handful of documented covid reinfections.  It's not clear how possible it is to get covid again, but it seems to be rare.  I think the good news for your health is that except for one case, all of the covid reinfections seem to be less severe than the initial one.  The first covid reinfection which was documented was a man in Asia who had the disease and somewhat serious symptoms.  He recovered and then got tested as part of a protocol at wherever he worked and it turned out he was positive again.  But this time he was completely asymptomatic.  Of course, from a public health standpoint a reinfected person can presumably still spread the disease.  But from a personal health standpoint it seems that the rare reinfections are more mild in symptoms.

    But the circumstances you describe are probably unlikely to result in an infection.  More and more evidence seems to show that infections from surfaces aren't that common.  It seems to be mostly from breathing in particles.  For your packages to infect you the delivery person would have to have covid and then cough/breathe either directly onto the package or onto their hands and then handle the package without sanitizing their hands.  Then you'd have to touch the package and then touch your mouth/nose/eyes without sanitizing.  In your case you say that the strap hit you in the eye.  But for that to result in an infection the delivery person would have had to have touched basically the exact part of the strap which hit your eye.  If they handled the package somehwere else it's not going to infect you even if they coughed all over their hands right before handling it.  Also, once the virus leaves the human body it basically starts to die.  So the longer the package sits around before you touch it the safer it will be.  I'm pretty paranoid about covid, so I will usually let any packages I get sit for an hour or two before I open them just to be extra safe.  That's usually going to be enough to disinfect anything which has the virus on it. (Lab tests have shown that the virus can be detectable on some surfaces up to three days, but "detectable" is not the same thing as "transmissable".  The viral presence on surfaces goes way down after even a short period of time.  And if the package is in direct sunlight then any virus on it will be killed in a matter of minutes)

    Over all, I'd be more worried about the physical damage that taking a strap to the eye could cause, or about getting dirt or something in your eye.

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    You can definitely get it again, many people have. My cousin had it twice worse the second time. 

    But I doubt you'd get it from the package don't worry too much I'm sure you'll be okay

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    Not much info out on it still but... If you re-expose to the strain that you have/had, you shouldn't get it again because your body created the defense against it.

    But... If it's like the flu where it can mutate, you can probably catch it again because it's different... Again, just like the flu.

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    It's a proven fact that people have gotten covid for the second time, but you don't have to become "unhinged" about it. If you are worried, go get tested. @ hunch, there have been more than 1 getting it again, in fact several have gotten it a second time.And surfaces are not near as bad as it passes through the air so easily.

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  • 2 months ago

    When you get covid there is an immunity period after recovery where you are unable to get covid again.  It's unknown how long this lasts - but at least 3 months.

    There are plenty of people in the US who claim to have covid twice.  There is only one person who is considered by medical researchers to have had covid twice.

    Covid lives on surfaces.  Depending on the surface, it might live for a few hours, days, weeks...

    - However, how long covid can live on the inanimate object, it's very rare to get covid from inanimate objects (bad source of transmission).

  • 2 months ago

    All research has confirmed mail etc is not a viable COVID virus transmitter, while we don’t know how long antibodies will last, you won’t get the virus again that fast

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