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Sun conjunction descendent is that a strong attraction? In synastry ?

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    It is very strong. NOT passionate, but rather a feeling of total comfort with each other.  It is an indication of lasting attraction too ... but UNLESS both individuals are sufficiently mature, emotionally, even the strongest synastry comparison can fall apart.

    When you do a synastry evaluation, pay attention the the conflict .,Ad, the squares and oppositions. Because no matter how wonderful the good stuff, is, unless both are emotionally mature, the squares/oppositions will drive them apart. Since no one is perfect, no relationship will be perfect either once the blind fantasy of the honeymoon phase has died out.  Si.milarly, there is no synastry comparison that is without conflict in it/

    Chemistry is only 11% of what makes it work.  Without emotional maturity, we cannot work with our own emotional reactions, so we blame our partner and punish them in some way to try to make them change.  But IF we can work with our emotions, then we can accept that our partner has flaws and that some of the issues in the relationship never WILL be resolved ... and once we can accept, THAT is when actual love (not chemistry/attraction) starts to grow.

    Astrology cannot predict how mature someone has become.  All the chart shows is how we start out, although if we never gain insight or grow, we end up very-much like our birthchart.

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